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Extinction: The Final Countdown

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The word extinction has shown up several times in the news lately regarding the population status of some wildlife species.  All too often we can identify species that have been deemed extinct, but we are not given an explanation of how this came to be.  Historically, or I should say prehistorically, we know that a meteor striking the earth and… Read more »

White-nose Syndrome: Silent Killer of America’s Bats

Growing up as a kid in the Northeastern United States I was enthralled by the night sky; watching hundreds of bats hunt winged insects with deadly precision.  As if it happened only yesterday, I can still remember the sound of the tiny chirps and pips of the bats as they communicated to each other and located prey.  Sadly, in my… Read more »

Chytrid Fungus and the Global Decline of Amphibians

Recently, I had the privilege of spending time with a biologist studying the impact of the chytrid fungus on amphibian populations, as well as some of the beautiful Panamanian Golden Frogs (Atelopus zeteki) in her study.  Chytrid is a type of fungus that is exclusively found in water or in moist environments.  Although there are over 1,000 identified chytrid species… Read more »