Crikey! It’s Steve Irwin Day!

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This Tuesday, 15 November, is the annually celebration of the life of Steve Irwin.  Like him or not, you cannot deny that this man brought the plight of wildlife conservation into more than 150 million living rooms around the world.  Carrying on that tradition, the aptly named Steve Irwin Day continues Steve’s mission to fight for wildlife conservation and habitat… Read more »

7 Billion and Counting

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Last month the world population reached 7 billion.  In only 12 short years, since ~October 1999, the human population has increased by 1 billion.  Let us take a few moments to think about the fact that we now share this planet with 6,999,999,999 other people… and counting.  If our global growth rate continues, it is anticipated that by 2050, you… Read more »

Exotic Animal Ownership

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Since the exotic animal incident in Zanesville, Ohio a few weeks ago, I have received a lot of questions regarding the laws governing exotic animal ownership in the United States.  Ownership of exotic or non-native species in the US is a much debated subject.  In actuality, regulation is done on a state, not national, basis; which allows for a lot… Read more »

Snakes, Spiders, and Bats…Oh My!

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In preparation for my favorite holiday, I was recently perusing through the Halloween decorations at a local megastore.  For me, Halloween standards are carved pumpkins, bed sheet ghosts, and candy; lots of candy.  However, for others, the scariest of holidays is all about fear.  Some of the most iconic Halloween characters that makes ones blood run cold and stand frozen… Read more »

Answer the Call for Gorilla Conservation

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  Columbite-tantalite, more commonly known as colton, is a valuable mineral that is used to manufacture capacitors found in electronic devices such as cell phones, video game systems, MP3 players, computers, and DVD player.  Colton is mined in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Ethiopia, and Mozambique.  Unfortunately, most of the world’s coltan reserves are found in the… Read more »

An Evening with Jane Goodall: A Story of Inspiration and Hope

As a child I can vividly remember thumbing through old National Geographic magazines, living vicariously through the adventures of Dr. Jane Goodall.  In the 1980s, long before online giants Amazon or Barnes and Noble became popular, I would visit both my school library and the local city-owned branch on an almost daily basis.  I was able to read about Jane’s… Read more »

Student Creates Wildlife Conservation Project

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For as long as Tina Dow can remember, she’s had a passion for wildlife. Dow, a West Virginia University student, is pursuing her passion through an organization she and her husband formed – Wildlife Research and Conservation. “I don’t ever remember a time not being interested in wildlife,” Dow said. “As a kid I always felt more at home outside… Read more »

Wild, Wonderful World of Fungus

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It never ceases to amaze me just what one can find in the natural world when they look beyond what it is they intended to find; to widen the gaze and focus on a much bigger picture.  A recent trip to locate Timber rattlesnakes for our population and reproductive assessment survey reminded me of that very thing.  It was what… Read more »

The Ocean: Where Life Begins and Ends

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The ocean, for most, represents a great blue void.  It is sometimes hard to imagine that an incredible world, much larger than the space terrestrial beings inhabit, lies beyond the shoreline and below the surface.  The Censes of Marine Life, completed in 2010 by 2,700 scientists from 80 countries, identified more than 1 million species that call the ocean home. … Read more »

Ph.D. Student Conducting Research on African Elephants

By: Brooke Boening The Daily Athenaeum Shortly upon completing her undergraduate studies in animal and nutritional sciences, West Virginia University Ph.D. student, Tina Dow, discovered a passion that would take her beyond the ordinary work environment – elephants. When Dow landed an internship at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, R.I., in 2002, she quickly developed a fascination with the… Read more »