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The Changing Face of Poaching

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In the past, poaching of wildlife for bushmeat or sale of animal products was typically carried out by people living locally to wildlife habitats.  Particularly in severely impoverished areas, poaching was done to feed and support families.  In the last few years the face of poaching has changed.  Poaching has become very sophisticated utilizing GPS, helicopters, and tranquilizers instead of… Read more »

Wildlife Management: To Cull or Not to Cull?

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I have always thought that “Wildlife Management” was a loose term.  Regardless of geographical location, wildlife lives in fragmented habitats, held inside imaginary borders meant to protect and conserve.  It is a daily struggle for humans and wild animals to co-exist.  As the human population continues to increase, wildlife is pushed to the edge of extinction.  Animals are culled to… Read more »

WVU Doctoral Student Pursues Passion

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WVU Doctoral Student Pursues Passion By: Kaidy Murdock For the Charleston Daily Mail MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Tina Dow has always had an interest in elephants.   From her first Little Golden Book and frequent visits to the Pittsburgh Zoo as a girl, the Cumberland, Md., native’s love for the creatures has transformed into a career and a passion. “In my backpack… Read more »

The Ivory War Continues: 22 Years After the Ban

2011 was considered the bloodiest year for elephants since 1989, the same year the ivory ban began.  Confiscated ivory from illegal sales estimate over 3000 elephants were killed by poachers to fuel the black market demand; and that is just what was found.  In a single month, Malaysian authorities seized over $1.3 million US worth of ivory that was being… Read more »

A Love For Elephants

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West Virginia University has gone to the elephants!  Not only were Tina and her pachyderm friends highlighted on the homepage of the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, but they were also featured on the West Virginia University main homepage.  In addition, you can find an interview with Tina regarding her research at the following link Inside WVU   … Read more »

A Trunk of Love: WVU Doctoral Student Finds Her Calling Researching Elephants

The story of Tina Dow’s love for elephants began in another story, tucked away in the pages of her first Little Golden Book. Never could she predict that someday she’d work with the same creatures that fascinated her as a little girl. It was the mighty elephant that steered her back onto an academic path. Dow, who grew up in Cumberland,… Read more »

Ph.D. Student Conducting Research on African Elephants

By: Brooke Boening The Daily Athenaeum Shortly upon completing her undergraduate studies in animal and nutritional sciences, West Virginia University Ph.D. student, Tina Dow, discovered a passion that would take her beyond the ordinary work environment – elephants. When Dow landed an internship at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, R.I., in 2002, she quickly developed a fascination with the… Read more »

WVU Helps Grad Student Follow Dream

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Tina Dow is passionate about a variety of things – traveling, scuba diving, rock climbing – but her one true love will always be elephants. After earning her bachelor’s degree in animal and nutritional sciences from West Virginia University in 2002, Dow spent the next four years trying to find her true career calling. “I interned with several zoos and became a licensed wildlife… Read more »